Catering to over 2,500 clients in the MENA region, MenaITech specializes in
cloud-based HCIS. Through balancing the need for a sophisticated HR system
with affordable prices, MenaITech developed its automated HR system that
reduces manual work while increasing productivity and profit. MenaITech’s
products provide top-quality HR turnkey solutions, ranging from comprehensive
personnel management to the entire talent management cycle. Keeping in line
with legal compliance requirements, MenaITech provides localized services
specific to countries’ needs.

MenaHR®, MenaITech’s comprehensive HRMS, digitizes HR functions, streamlining communication and data collection thus increasing efficiency.
Working side-by-side with MenaHR® is Curio®, its talent management solution,
which manages all stages of career path and succession planning, training and
development, performance appraisal, and more.

MenaPAY®, the localized payroll and personnel solution, automates core payroll
functions based on varying countries, languages, currencies, and compliance

Employees are a crucial component of any organization, and MenaME®, the
employee self-service solution, is an online portal where employees can
access HR-related information and request for services, promoting employee
experience and engagement. The MenaME-Plus® mobile app provides a
channel for manager and employee communication and collaboration with their
HR departments. In addition, managers can view requests and keep track of
employee information, reports and analytics to make better business decisions.

Assessment and evaluation makes employees aware of their strengths and
weaknesses and encourages improvement. Mena360® is the feedback platform
that includes all members in the assessment process.

MenaExplorer®, a multidimensional organizational analytics platform, simplifies
the collection of data, transforming them into valuable analytics that support
strategic decision-making.

MenaOSS®, powered by SOURCEitHR®, allows clients to outsource full payroll
and HR cycles.

Punctuality breeds efficiency, and MenaTA®, the time and attendance solution,
enables employees to promptly punch in and out, and allows HR teams to
accurately create employee schedules and monitor time and attendance and
absenteeism rates.

With MenaITech’s cloud-based solutions, data can be accessed anytime,
anywhere, automating and digitizing HR processes and helping HR departments
focus on achieving business goals.


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