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Euro Arab Insurance Group

Euro Arab Insurance Group is one of the pioneering insurance companies in the region, throughout the years. It was established in 1996, under the name of Amman Insurance Co. Ltd, then renamed in 2002 as Euro Arab Insurance Group.

Euro Arab Insurance Group has maintained sustainable growth and verified its ability to provide superior customer service, attractive rates and stability offering a wide spectrum of insurance covers including Motor, Marine, General, Medical and Life.

Arab Jordanian Insurance Group (AJIG)

The Arab Jordanian Insurance Group (AJIG) is one of the leading companies in the insurance sector in the Middle East, which derives its pioneering role from its commitment to providing insurance services and products focusing on customer services and contentment that meet their expectations in all fields.

AJIG was established in 1996, as a public limited company under license No. (321) at the Companies Control Department at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Jerusalem Insurance Co. (JICO)

The main focus of Jerusalem Insurance Co. (JICO) is providing businesses, families and individuals across the country with the best innovative and exclusive solutions through years of experiences in creating unique and ingenious insurance products and services.

JICO entered the business world in 1975, with a total paid up capital of JOD 160,000. Since then, JICO’s paid up capital has continued to grow. It reached JOD 1.5 million in 1982 and JOD 3 million in 1998. The paid-up capital is currently JOD 8 million, while assets have reached JOD 35,188,488 million by the end of 2018.

Gulf Insurance Group- Jordan (gig-Jordan)

Gulf Insurance Group- Jordan (gig-Jordan) is a company with 23 years of experience in the Jordanian insurance market. Established in 1996, under the name of Arab Orient Insurance Company, it merged into the Gulf Insurance Group in 2009; a highly respected group in the MENA region known for its strength and the caliber of its leadership and staff.

Throughout these years, gig-Jordan developed its products to successfully acquire the largest market share, with a focus on premium and profit.

Arab Life & Accidents Insurance Company (Arab Insurance)

In the year 1981, far sighted businessmen from across the region started implementing a vision through launching Arab Life & Accidents Insurance
Co. (Arab Insurance) as a Jordanian public shareholding company, licensed to underwrite all classes of insurance including Life, Health and General including Credit Insurance.

Arab Life & Accidents Insurance Co. (Arab Insurance) enjoys strong stability and a culture of excellence which, along the years, gained the trust and the respect of global firms making it the preferred service partner in Jordan.