Electronic Payments and Wallets

Zain Cash

Zain Cash, is a leading payment service provider in Jordan, providing a portfolio of significant digital financial services to corporates and various advanced solutions in the booming fintech realm; in addition to tailoring many innovative mobile financial solutions to customers with the highest levels of security and convenience.

Zain Cash is the perfect convenient tool for corporates and individuals to conduct all financial transactions and processes, with no need to spend any time and effort.


UWallet is your ‘Trusted Partner for Financial Transactions’. UWallet, the innovative payment service provider, is designed to enable users to manage their financial transactions through their mobile phones, safely, efficiently, and quickly via an innovative digital transactions’ platform. Through UWallet, individuals and companies can make immediate payments, transfer funds, and make purchases easily and safely through advanced solutions that limit the need to deal with cash and reduce the risk of theft and loss.

Orange Money

Petra mobile payment services company launched in January 2020 as a subsidiary of Orange Jordan, supported by the Orange Jordan brand and the global Orange Group’s expertise in mobile payment, introducing the Orange Money e-wallet to enhance financial inclusion and provide advanced, fast and reliable mobile payment services across Jordan in line with the Central Bank’s national financial inclusion strategy.

The Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC)

The Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC) was established in 2017 as a private shareholding company by the Central Bank of Jordan and the 25 banks operating in the country at the time. The company’s mission is to ensure that digital payments in the kingdom are safe, efficient, interoperable, accessible and up to international standards. JoPACC works in the three main areas of operating and developing retail payment systems; introducing and investing in digital financial solutions; and knowledge production and dissemination.


Dinarak is a fully licensed mobile payment service provider under the supervision of the Central Bank of Jordan and operates on Jordan Mobile Payment (JoMoPay) National Switch.

The Dinarak mobile wallet account is safe, fast, secure and convenient. It supports English and Arabic languages and applies Islamic regulations. Dinarak has more than 600 active authorized agents across Jordan, serving approximately 350,000 customers around the country’s governorates.

Middle East Payment Services (MEPS)

Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) was founded in 2009 as an innovative regional payment service provider, offering a wide range of secure payment solutions with industry-leading capabilities in payment processing, digital wallets
and online payment solutions, secure point-of-sale (POS) devices, and ATM management.

MEPS also provides a comprehensive set of customized value-added services that meet the growing demand for payment solutions throughout Jordan, Palestine and Iraq.


MadfooatCom is a regional innovator, and the fastest growing fintech company in Jordan, that develops and operates real-time payment processing solutions and services with a clear determination and vision to enhance the digital payments scene and to contribute to the economy, by innovating financial solutions that are accessible for everyone, anywhere, anytime.

The company has an unparalleled record of growth year-over-year in terms of transactions, client base, local and foreign investments, valuation, revenues, products portfolio, and professional team.

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