Brokerage & Asset Management Companies

Al Mawared Brokerage

Al Mawared Brokerage was established in 2006 as a private shareholding company fully owned by INVESTBANK, with a capital of JOD 5 million.

Al Mawared Brokerage is an investment banking firm active in Brokerage, Corporate Finance and Research. The firm’s clients include local, regional and international investors, both retail and institutional.

Ahli Brokerage

Ahli Brokerage is a wholly owned subsidiary by Jordan Ahli Bank; a leading commercial bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, registered in 2006 as a private limited company with a current paidup capital of JD 3 million; specialized in offering financial brokerage services, trading all types of financial market securities (equity and debt) in Amman Stock Exchange (ASE).

Capital Investments

Headquartered in Jordan, with a wide-reaching presence across the Middle East, Capital Investments has been shaping and elevating the MENA region’s financial services sector since its establishment in 2006.

Capital Bank Group offers various investment and corporate advisory services through Capital Investments, the Group’s investment and corporate advisory arm present in both Jordan and the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Capital Investments specializes in providing financial advisory, M&A and capital-raising services (debt and equity) across the MENA region.

Awraq Investments

Awraq Investments, incorporated in 1992, is one of the premier investment companies in Jordan and a subsidiary of Cairo Amman Bank.

Awraq’s team of experienced and highly qualified investment managers provide clients with a wide spectrum of investment services, at the highest international standards. There is a solid level of confidence and trust between Awraq and their shareholders and partners, this stability assures and empowers the company to engage in confident secure investments.

Sanad Capital

Sanad Capital (SC) is a fully-owned investment banking subsidiary of Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) that offers a wide spectrum of investment banking and financial advisory services.

SC is devoted to delivering superior financial services through its unwavering dedication to building long-term solid relationships with its clients, consistently providing them with quality conflict-free customized advice, cultivating a highly specialized team.

Al Arabi Investment Group (Member of Arab Bank Group)

Al Arabi Investment Group (AB Invest) is the investment banking arm of Arab Bank and is a leading full-service investment bank in Jordan with coverage across the Middle East.

The company serves its clients through its comprehensive brokerage, asset management, and corporate finance verticals.AB Invest is the largest private asset manager in Jordan in terms of third party assets under management.

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